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Basic Info
Class Might
  • 50 points in Might
  • Relentless Assault
  • Vengeance
  • Tier 5
    Levels 5 (+2)
    Type Upgrade
    While Relentless Assault is in effect, each of your strikes may grant you a measure of renewed vigor. 


    Bloodlust is a Might-based ability that, when using Relentless Assault, attacks have a chance of providing health to the character as well as damaging enemies.


    There are five levels of this ability. Two more are available via ability bonuses.

    Level Chance to steal health Amount of health stolen
    1 20% 20
    2 20% 22
    3 20% 24
    4 20% 26
    5 20% 28
    6 20% 30
    7 20% 32
    8 20% 35


    • There appears to be hidden healing multipliers based on the amount of damage dealt. Hammers for instance seem to heal in bigger chunks than longswords.[citation needed]

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