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Bindings are a type of support component in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. They are used for a multitude of items, but interestingly are required for none.


Bindings can be used to craft the following items:

Might Finesse Sorcery

Basic BindingsEdit

Bindings Effect
Basic Amplified Bindings +5% Physical Crit Damage
Basic Charged Bindings +5% Lightning Damage
Basic Clarity Bindings +3% Physical Crit Chance
Basic Damaging Bindings +10% Damage
Basic Divine Bindings +10% Mana
Basic Enchanted Bindings +5% Magic Crit Damage
Basic Energizing Bindings +0.1 Health Regen
+0.2 Mana Regen
Basic Flamed Bindings +5% Fire Damage
Basic Hardened Bindings +10 Health
Basic Infected Bindings +5% Poison Damage
Basic Magnifying Bindings +3% Crit Chance
Basic Moonlight Bindings +5% Damage during Night
Basic Mystic Bindings +3% Magic Crit Chance
Basic Piercing Bindings +5% Piercing Damage
Basic Restoring Bindings +0.2 Mana Regen per Sec
Basic Robust Bindings +20 Health, +20 Mana
Basic Sage Bindings +10 Mana
Basic Slaughtering Bindings +5% Bleeding Damage
Basic Sunlight Bindings +5% Damage during Daytime
Basic Sustaining Bindings +0.1 Health Regen
Simple Bindings +5 Health

Improved BindingsEdit

Bindings Effect
Improved Assailing Bindings +8% vs. Healthy Enemies
Improved Damaging Bindings +14% Damage
Improved Divine Bindings +12% Mana
Improved Flamed Bindings +7% Fire Damage
Improved Frosted Bindings +7% Ice Damage
Improved Charged Bindings +7% Lightning Damage
Improved Hardened Bindings +20 Health
Improved Magnifying Bindings +4% Crit Chance
Improved Moonlight Bindings +7% Damage at Night
Improved Piercing Bindings +7% Piercing Damage
Improved Rallying Bindings +7% Physical Damage
Improved Restoring Bindings +0.5 Mana Regen per Sec
Improved Robust Bindings +30 Health, +30 Mana
Improved Sage Bindings +20 Mana
Improved Sunlight Bindings +7% Daytime Damage

Greater BindingsEdit

Bindings Effect
Greater Arcane Bindings +10% Damage with Magic
Greater Charged Bindings +10% Lightning Damage
Greater Damaging Bindings +19% Damage
Greater Flamed Bindings +10% Fire Damage
Greater Frosted Bindings +10% Ice Damage
Greater Hardened Bindings +45 Health
Greater Infected Bindings +11% Poison Damage
Greater Rallying Bindings +10% Physical Damage
Greater Restoring Bindings +1 Mana Regen
Greater Robust Bindings +45 Health, +45 Mana
Greater Sage Bindings +45 Mana
Greater Strengthening Bindings +14% Health

Master BindingsEdit

Bindings Effect
Master Arcane Bindings +15% Damage with Magic
Master Divine Bindings +17% Mana
Master Frosted Bindings +15% Ice Damage
Master Hardened Bindings +80 Health
Master Magnifying Bindings +6% Crit Chance
Master Moonlight Bindings +15% Night Damage
Master Mystic Bindings +6% Magic Crit Chance
Master Rallying Bindings +20% Physical Damage
Master Restoring Bindings +1.5 Mana Regen
Master Robust Bindings +60 Health, +60 Mana
Master Sage Bindings +80 Mana
Master Slaughtering Bindings +15% Bleeding Damage
Master Sustaining Bindings +1.5 Health Regen

Flawless BindingsEdit

Bindings Effect
Flawless Amplified Bindings +15% Physical Crit Damage
Flawless Arcane Bindings +20% Damage with Magic
Flawless Charged Bindings +20% Lightning Damage
Flawless Clarity Bindings +7% Physical Crit Chance
Flawless Damaging Bindings +30% Damage
Flawless Divine Bindings +20% mana
Flawless Enchanted Bindings +15% Critical Hit Damage With Magic
Flawless Energizing Bindings +2 Health Regen, +2 Mana Regen
Flawless Flamed Bindings +20% Fire Damage
Flawless Frosted Bindings +20% Ice Damage
Flawless Hardened Bindings +100 Health
Flawless Magnifying Bindings +7% Crit Chance
Flawless Moonlight Bindings +20% Night Damage
Flawless Mystic Bindings +7% Magic Crit Chance
Flawless Piercing Bindings +20% Piercing Damage
Flawless Rallying Bindings +35% Physical Damage
Flawless Restoring Bindings +2 Mana Regen Per Sec
Flawless Robust Bindings +80 Health, +80 Mana
Flawless Sage Bindings +100 Mana
Flawless Slaughtering Bindings +20% Bleeding Damage
Flawless Strengthening Bindings +20% Health
Flawless Sunlight Bindings +20% Damage during Daytime
Flawless Sustaining Bindings +2 Health Regen
Flawless Tormenting Bindings +20% Damage vs. Heavily Wounded targets

Other BindingsEdit

Bindings Effect
Weak Tendons +3% Crit Chance
Dried Gut +5% Crit Chance
Strong Sinew +7% Crit Chance
Ysa Honor Brand Bindings None

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