Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Warsworn

Beorn is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Beorn is a Warsworn hired by Mayor Eswin Ealfhelm to protect the town of Whitestone in Apotyre. He and Hera Orehelm were both previously stationed at Ironfast Keep.


He can be found guarding one of the entrances to Whitestone.



He is the first person the Fateless One meets in Whitestone, in a scripted conversation encounter.


You again? What is it you want? You'd think we were courting. Damn dog-face.
Miners. And they used to make a good living, too, back when Motus Mining had its teeth in Apotyre. But when Motus pulled out, the money dried up. Now most of them are criminals -- a nasty lot. The Zungars are the worst, but the Darkvari and the Cynric known Lyana's Dance as well.
when asked about the Apotyre Mining Families
There's plenty of them. Just ask Hera, or walk a few paces out of Whitestone in any direction. Sometimes they even come into town. A few weeks ago, I caught a bandit trying to slip in the mayor's window. Fool. He's been locked up in a cage ever since. As an example.
when asked about the Criminals
Cempestre Lyana was Firstsworn. They called her the Desert Runner and you'd do well to learn her ways out here.
when asked about Lyana's Dance
He's not from around here. A city boy, born and raised in Myria. Came to seek fortune, but landed in Apotyre right when Motus Mining cut their losses. You'd think he'd wither in this desert, but it was his idea to bring the mercenaries. With Mayor Eswin in Whitestone, we have a fighting chance.
when asked about Mayor Eswin
They're no better than the rest of these savages. Don't let the righteousness fool you. Everyone in Whitestone is out for one person: himself.
when asked about The Skorias
People call it Bone Town because of the pale rocks jutting up from the sand. And because of the death rate.
when asked about Whitestone


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