Beckry Aideh
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Services Merchant

Beckry Aideh is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I run the inn, here in Canneroc. Nice, respectable way to make coin... unlike them foolish silkfarmers!


Beckry Aideh is a fearful and superstitious owner of the Canneroc inn, The Silken Seat, as well as mother of the local blacksmith, Billis Aideh, and wife of the late silkfarmer Unfer Aideh, his death being the reason for her paranoia of strangers and the belief that the Widow has returned and is the reason for the unrest in Webwood.


Beckry can be found in The Silken Seat in Canneroc.


Beckry Aideh is a general merchant. She sells weaponry, armor, and accessories, and various alchemical goods.


Weapon Cost Damage Durability
Sage Sceptre of the Soothsayer 8078 23 22
Student's Staff of Dusk 6312 30 22
Toothed Chakrams of the Geyser 5588 41 22
Chilled Daggers of Omen 4515 31 22
Decaying Faeblades 2750 28 22
Steel Daggers 2087 18 22
Staff of Flurry 2052 26 22
Squire's Chakrams 1847 36 22
Static Greatsword 1831 43 22
Birch Staff 555 21 20
Birch Sceptre 360 12 20


Apparel Cost Armor Durability
Scholar's Robes 9325 83 18
Hearty Talisman 2673 14 17
Armor Ice Shield 2465 41 19
Cowl of Ice Aversion 2063 28 18
Warrior's Boots of Mending 2037 13 19
Apprentice's Handwraps of the Antivenin 1950 9 17
Prodigy's Shoes 1687 14 18
Squire's Chausses 1341 28 22
Hood of Luck 1105 20 19
Superior Gauntlets 953 15 22
Talisman of Fire Shield 922 14 17
Boots of Ice Shield 825 10 19
Handwraps of Ice Shield 777 7 17


Accessory Cost Effect
Signet of Bounty 4952 +3% Gold Drops
Ring of Achievement 3718 +1% Experience Bonus

Consumables (Potions)Edit

Potion Cost Potion Cost
Minor Flameguard x 4 188 Minor Precision x 2 188
Minor Healing Potion x 12 188 Minor Sorcerer's Intelligence x 2 188
Minor Mana Potion x 12 188

Consumables (Reagents)Edit

Reagent Cost Reagent Cost
Black Cohosh x 8 40 Softscrabble Powder x 8 40
Embereyes x 8 40

Consumables (Alchemical Recipes)Edit

Recipe Cost Recipe Cost
Liquid Seduction 1017 Minor Freezing Sentinel 1017
Minor Dispelling Boost 1017 Minor Lightning Storm 1017


Item Cost
Repair Kit x 12 62


  • If the Fateless One chooses to save Canneroc, she is much more friendly and apologizes for her previous behavior.
  • If the Fateless One approaches her from behind, when she emerges from her room upstairs, she will cry out "Huh! you frightened me!"


I'm... I'm sorry for being hysterical with you earlier. I lost a husband to those monsters before you arrived, and I was sure to lose my son... But you saved us -- Billis and I. I thank you for that, and I wish I had something for your trouble. I'll give you all I can.
When entering a conversion with Beckry Aideh after saving Canneroc.
He'll have us carrying swords and marching to our deaths. He doesn't about this town, you can see it in his face!
when asked about Barten.
I run the Inn, here in Canneroc. Nice, respectable way to make coin... unlike them foolish silkfarmers!
when asked about herself
Maybe if the inn was in a fit state, but there aren't any rooms for rent right now. You're welcome to sleep if you can find a spare bit of floor.
when asked about renting a room in the inn
How most in town made their living before the attacks. Collecting the webs from the wood, and weaving it into cloth and such. Damn scavengers.
when asked about Silkfarmers
It's a monstrous place. When Unfer first moved us here, it seemed nice enough. We were... so... happy...
when asked about Webwood


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