Baronett's Blades
Baronett's Blades Inventory
Base Damage 166
Durability 25
Rarity Unique
Type Chakrams
Requirements Character Level 20
Effects +15% Crit Damage
+15% vs. Heavily Wounded

Baronett's Blades is a weapon in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Created specifically as gifts for the gentleman sailor known as the Baronett, these chakrams were never meant to be used in battle. They were a novelty. Along the white bone handles are inscribed the names of the Baronett's many lovers.

Damage BreakdownEdit


  • +15% Critical Hit Damage
  • +15% Damage vs. heavily wounded targets


  • Found on the corpse of the Baronett after the Fateless One defeats him during the quest An Offering.
    • Interestingly, the Baronett does not use these weapons at all during the fight with him, even though they are found upon his corpse. This seems to imply that they are, in fact, a novelty weapon that he never used in battle.


  • As with all other items in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC, the stats of Baronett's Blades (damage, level requirements) scale with level. They are calculated when the item is first obtained.
    • The stats shown are the maximum stats possible.


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