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Bardan Tam
Bardan Tam
Basic Info
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Location Tam's Wagon
Services Merchant

Bardan Tam is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



Bardan Tam




Barden is a Merchant and sells a variety of goods, most notably of which is a Magus Ring (All Sorcery Abilities gain +1).

Weapons Cost Damage Durability
Surging Chakrams of Execution 37576 116 ?
Infusing Sceptre of the Storm 21568 61 ?
Sylvanite Greatsword 13812 116 ?
Apparel Cost Armor Durability
Knight's Armor 13045 103 ?
Sylvanite Helm 11441 113 ?
Hexweave Handwraps 961 26 ?
Accessories Cost
Magus' Ring 33646
Cavalier's Necklace 25998
Miscellaneous Cost
Repair Kit x 8 62
Lockpick x 16 50



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