Barbed Arrows
Basic Info
Class Finesse
  • 35 points in Finesse
  • Longbow Mastery
  • Drawpower
  • Arrow Storm
  • Tier 4
    Levels 5 (+2)
    Type Passive
    By affixing small barbs to your arrows, each Longbow shot has a chance to deal heavy Bleeding Damage to your foes.


    Barbed Arrows is a Finesse-based ability that allows for each longbow shot to inflict heavy Bleeding Damage. It also increases the size of the quiver.


    There are five levels of this ability. Two more levels may be unlocked via ability bonuses. Unlocking this ability increases the size of your quiver by one.

    Level Chance to cause Bleeding Damage Bleeding Damage inflicted over 5 seconds
    1 10% 80
    2 12% 90
    3 14% 100
    4 17% 110
    5 20% 120
    6 20% 135
    7 20% 150

    Related abilitiesEdit

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