Band of Brother Monks
Band of brother monks
Quest Giver Brother Holt
Location Splitrock Depths
Reward ~ 1,500 Gold
Faction No
Type Side

Band of Brother Monks is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

This is a quest given to you by Brother Holt.


Brother Holt has asked that I find out what happened to his friend, Brother Padric. Holt explained that Brother Padric left St. Eadric's over a year ago in search of treasure that was fabled to be somewhere just outside of Splitrock Depths. I should visit Splitrock Depths and see if I can find out what has become of Brother Padric.


  • Go inside Splitrock Depths and by looking at the map it is seen that the dungeon has two entrances/exits. Head toward the second one (not the one you just entered) and you will get on a small cliff. At its end lies Brother Padric. Search his corpse and loot his Journal . Also check the nearby chest for additional items.
  • Once you have the journal, you may return to St. Eadric's and let the other monks what happened to the missing friar. You will receive some gold for you efforts.


  • It is advised to take the The Height of Crime side quest from the gnome in the camp near the entrance, as both quests take place in the same dungeon
  • Both XP & Gold reward for quest completion are level-dependant


  • ~ 1.500 Gold

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