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Effects Inventory Slot Expansion

Backpack is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Backpacks are unique upgrades that expand the number of items you can carry in your inventory beyond the initial 70. Each Backpack increases your maximum inventory by 10.

Backpack LocationsEdit

Backpacks are found with specific traders across Amalur. Their price will decrease as you take ranks in the Mercantile skill.


  • There is a way to obtain an unlimited amount of backpacks, by exploiting a flaw in the NPC respawn system. If Illyn Doldran is murdered and the Fateless One sleeps for 4 in-game days he will respawn, and his inventory will be reset. This allows the Fateless One to buy another backpack from him. This might work for other vendors as well.
  • Update: The unlimited backpacks exploit does not work with Wil Donall in Scholia Arcana, Rathir (Upper City) on Xbox 360 after most recent patch.
  • Update: Rikka Egest did not respawn when i tried the exploit on her in The Corner Shop,Gorhart Village
  • Update: Both Riona Helt and Senecer Macit did not appear to respawn after sleeping for 5 in-game days
  • Update: Both Riona Helt and Senecer Macit did respawn after sleeping for 5 days in my own bed (apparently I lacked sleep and was unable to see them after they respawn, so make sure to get plenty of sleep) 
  • Update: (PC) Another trick to speed things up, in Mel Senshir when you kill IIIyn Doldran, make sure you loot all his gold after his death, make a way to escape and sleep in 4 hours-in game(instead of 4 days), he'll respawn.(Just be careful, because sometimes he'll get stuck in the pillar behind him and you can't loot the gold! But he'll respawn after 4 days-in game, and he'll continue to get stuck in the pillar)
  • Update: (Xbox 360) The trick for PC mentioned above to speed things up also works on the Xbox 360. To prevent him being stuck in the pillar, get behind him and then kill him so that he gets thrown forward. Loot, escape and sleep 4 ingame hours and he will respawn. If you do not have a chance to loot, sleep 4 ingame hours, go back and loot followed by sleeping 4 more ingame hours to have him respawn. After the initial murder, Illyn Doldran will respawn at the location he died so stealth kill him if you want him to respawn at the same spot. I suggest pushing him away from the crowd so its easier to run.

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