Assassin's Art
Basic Info
Class Finesse
Prerequisites None
Tier 1
Levels 6 (+2)
Type Passive
Your deadly grace allows you to deal tremendous amounts of damage from stealth.

Assassin's Art unlocks new sneak attacks with Daggers or Faeblades that can instantly kill an unaware enemy if you deal enough damage. Also increases the damage of these sneak attacks and all critical strike damage dealt on unaware enemies while in stealth.


Assassin's Art has 6 levels. Two more levels may be unlocked via Ability Bonuses.

Level Critical Damage when attacking from Stealth Increased sneak attack damage
1 +10% +0%
2 +20% +30%
3 +30% +60%
4 +40% +90%
5 +50% +120%
6 +60% +150%
7 +65% +150%
8 +70% +150%

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