Askel Thorin
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Location Thorin's Apothecary
  • Merchant
  • Askel Thorin is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    If you're heading east to the ruins of Tala-Rane -- or heading to the war-front -- I suggest you stock up here.


    Askel Thorin is a Varani merchant and owner of Thorin's Apothecary in Ayten. He is married to Sigra Thorin.


    Askel is an alchemical merchant. He provides the following potions and reagents:


    Consumables Cost
    Greater Assassin's Evasion x 5 1117
    Greater Dispelling Boost x _ __
    Greater Experience Booster x __ __
    Greater Flameguard x __ __
    Greater Flesh Eater x _ __
    Greater Freezing Sentinel x _ __
    Greater Healing Potion x _ __
    Greater Health Regen Potion x _ __
    Greater Jewelled Shillelagh x _ __
    Greater Magebane x _ __
    Greater Mana Potion x _ __
    Greater Mana Regen Potion x _ __
    Greater Merchant's Command x _ __
    Greater Thief's Cunning x _ __
    Greater Tracker's Draught x _ __
    Scarab Salts x _ __
    Tindertwig x _ __
    Black Cohosh x _ __
    Embereyes x _ __
    Sativa Fibers x _ __
    Softscrabble Powder x _ __

    Items (Recipes)Edit

    Recipe Cost
    Greater Current Stopper Recipe __
    Greater Mana Regen Recipe __
    Greater Steeled Curtain Recipe __
    Minor Damage Deflection Recipe __


    He can always be found in Thorin's Apothecary within the village of Ayten.


    Hm. For a minute I thought the damn Freemen had fancied to rob me. Welcome. I offer some alchemical items, if you are interested.
    upon your first encounter.
    Well, now - I haven't had a solvent cloth like this in quite some time. I'll give you a few coins for it. It's funny that you're here on Ratofer's business. I haven't heard anything from him since he returned from Tywili, over ten years ago. Not that I think I'd have much to say, coming back from what he did. Need anything else?
    upon your response: I want to sell you a kerchief.
    My wife and assistant. She helps me run the shop. Although sometimes she creates more problems than she fixes.
    when asked about his wife, Sigra Thorin.
    If not for the slim flow of traffic between Rathir and Dalentarth, it likely would not exist anymore. It's been worse since the war. In a few decades, we'll probably be like Tala-Rane - completely ruined.
    when asked about Ayten.
    Ruffians and bandits. They're scattered all over The Wolds. It's dangerous wandering outside of town.
    when asked about the Freemen.
    It's quiet here, and I can appreciate that. But as the days pass, and travelers grow scarcer, it becomes even more difficult to make a living out here.
    when asked about the Wolds.
    Very well.


    His surname may have been inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's middle-earth dwarf character Thorin Oakenshield. The surname "Thorin" comes from Old English and/or Old Norse for "thorn".


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