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Aron Excavations Office

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Aron Excavations Office
Basic Info
Location Detyre
Cost 8920

Aron Excavations Office is a player owned home in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Aron Excavations Office is a player owned home gained after the quest Miners in the Sand. When first entered, it is extremely messy, with a mirror and storage chest available at the start.

The house can be upgraded three times by the gnome Vincent Helvern.


Located in Detyre, West of the Motus Mining Outpost.


First upgrade: 1,784 or 904 at level 13
Second upgrade: 4,460 or 2260 at level 13
Third Upgrade: 2,676 or 1356 at level 13.


The First upgrade:

Second upgrade:

Third Upgrade

  • Extra room, Skill Book (Mercantile) in the upstairs bookshelf.


The mine nearby, Aron Excavations Mine, is also owned by the player once the Miners in the Sand quest is completed.
Be sure to loot the chest and any other items you can, they are changed every time the house is upgraded.

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