Arnick Arduna
Arnick Arduna
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Location Gorhart Inn
Level Basic
Class Innkeeper
  • Detect Hidden Trainer
  • Rent Bed
  • Arnick Arduna is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The lifestyle of a soldier did not suit me. Unlike many of my brethren, I wish to celebrate with others... not kill them. Starting a public house seemed the logical step.


    Arnick runs the Gorhart Inn. He has his personnel for the real work and so has time for talking to new guests. He won the inn from his predecessor, Alden Gorhart, in a game of knuckles. He seems unconcerned with the village's recent problems and believes that the threat of the Red Legion is exaggerated.


    Established seventy years ago by the great Alden Gorhart, this inn was the first Almain structure in all of Dalentarth. I won it from him in a game of knuckles. Deda serves the finest ales and upstairs you'll find Catrin, the healer. Here's some advice: avoid Nanne Hanri. I don't know what she's brewing in her little shack.
    when asked about Gorhart Inn.
    Don't you bother yourself with that. Gorhart is safe. Our greatest concern is passing the time.
    when asked about the Red Legion.



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