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An example of Armor being worn

Armor is the equipment you wear to reduce the amount of damage you take.


Armor is available for five different parts of the body: head, chest, hands, legs, and feet. Some armor such as mage robes can take up more than one "body slot." There are also shields available to help further reduce damage by blocking or parrying an enemy's attack. Lastly, there are also rings and necklaces that can be equipped, but for more information on those items please visit the Accessories page.

Armor is measured by a number to determine the amount of damage reduced; the higher the number, the more damage is reduced. While other things can factor into this as well, this is damage reduction in its most basic form.

There are even different armor types for Might, Finesse, and Sorcery builds, although much like weapons, any character can equip any piece of armor as long as they have the prequisite skill points to do so. This will vary from piece to piece, but generally the better the armor, the more skill points you will need in the corresponding ability tree to use it.

Armor BonusesEdit

All armor may have one of a number of general bonuses, which are indicated by an adjective that replaces the quality and material of the armor piece.

  • Bonus Effects
    • Extra Health
      • Warrior's: +10 Health
      • Soldier's: +20 Health
      • Cavalier's: +45 Health
    • Extra Mana
      • Student's: +5 Mana
      • Scholar's: +30 Mana
      • Master's: +60 Mana
    • Extra Added Mana
      • Augur's: +14% Mana
  • Extra Armor
    • Sturdy: +5 Armor
    • Rigid: +8 Armor
    • Shielded: +15 Armor
    • Indestructible: +19 Armor
  • Extra Resistances
    • Extra % Armor
      • Superior: +10% Armor
    • Block Efficacy
      • Reinforced: +10% Block Efficacy
    • Physical
      • Armor of Shifting: +5% Physical Resistance
      • Armor of Phasing: +7% Physical Resistance
    • Fire
      • Armor of Fire Shield: +5% Fire Resistance
      • Armor of Fire Attenuation: +16% Fire Resistance
    • Ice
      • Armor of ''''Ice Shield: +5% Ice Resistance
      • Armor of Ice Hindrance: +12% Ice Resistance
    • Lightning
      • Armor of Lightning Aversion: +8% Lightning Resistance
      • Armor of Lightning Hindrance: +12% Lightning Resistance
  • Extra % Damage
    • Physical
      • Armor of Justice: +5% Critical Hit Damage with Physical
    • Lightning
      • Armor of the Squall: +5% Lightning Damage
    • Bleeding
      • Armor of Maiming: +15% Bleeding Damage
    • Fire
      • Armor of the Blaze: +10% Fire Damage
    • Against Types
      • Champion's: +6% Damage vs. Niskaru
  • Extra % Damage Chance
    • Critical Hit
      • Spiked: +6% Chance to Critical Hit
    • Fire
      • Armor of Flammability: 5% Chance to Burn enemies when Attacked
    • Lightning
      • Armor of Storm's Bite: 10% Chance to Shock enemies when Attacked
    • Magic
      • Armor of Prophecy: +4% Chance to Critical Hit with Magic
    • Piercing Damage
      • Armor of Gouging: +10% Piercing Damage
  • Resource Regen
    • Extra Health Regen
      • Sustaining: +0.5 Health Regen per Sec
      • Revitalizing: +1 Health Regen per Sec
    • Extra Mana Regen
      • Cunning: +1 Mana Regen per Sec
  • Added Resource Regen
    • +10% Mana Regen per Sec
  • Stun Duration
    • Dazing: 10% Stun Duration
  • Combination Bonuses
    • Armor of the Duelist: +10% Damage and + 4% Chance to Critical Hit

Component qualityEdit

Component Level Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3: Tier 4: Tier 5:
Hides Leather Boiled Leather Studded Leather Trollhide Dreadscale
Cloth Cotton Linen Silk Hexweave Spiritweave


Iron Steel Azurite Sylvanite Prismere
Wood Birch Elm Oak Ash Ebony
Precious Metals Copper Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


These are pieces of equipment that occupy a character's head slot. Helmets are favored by Might characters, Hoods are favored by Finesse characters, and Cowls are favored by Sorcery characters.


These are the most important pieces of equipment, as chest pieces cover all your vital bits. Consequently, they provide the largest armor bonus. Cuirasses are favored by Might characters, Light Armors are favored by Finesse characters, and Robes are favored by Sorcery characters.


Protect your hands from crushing hammers, sneaky daggers, and... papercuts. Gauntlets are favored by Might characters, Gloves are favored by Finesse characters, and Handwraps are favored by Sorcery characters.


Keeps you running even if you take an arrow to the knee. Chausses are favored by Might characters, Leggings are favored by Finesse characters, and Robes are favored by Sorcery characters.


Need to walk on small rocks? Stub your toe? No problem with these armors for your feet. Greaves are favored by Might characters, Boots are favored by Finesse characters, and Shoes and Slippers are favored by Sorcery characters.


Block swords, arrows, and spells with these protective handheld plates. Kite Shields are favored by Might characters, Bucklers are favored by Finesse characters, and Talismen are favored by Sorcery characters. 

See alsoEdit

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