Apule Vire
Basic Info
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Faction Motus Mining Company
Rank Foreman
Services Quest Giver

Apule Vire is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Apule Vire is the foreman of the Motus Mining Company in The Hollowlands of Detyre. He was sent there after Motus got wind of Edgar Aron's discovery of large ore veins.

He came and paid all of Aron's miners to come work for Motus with bags of gold, quickly winning them all over to his side. Apule is proud of it too.

Though at the time of the Fateless One's arrival, the mining operation has been ground to a halt. A crudok known as Bloodbane has been hunting and killing off the gnome miners in the area of Dunehead Mine and a large group of wild Fae have taken over the Canyon Hill Mine.

He asks the Fateless One to go find his scholar, Enser Garrou, who is supposed to be investigating the reason for the wild Fae gathering in the Canyon Hill Mine.

Later on, he requests that the Fateless One go save his miners, who had run off into the desert delirious for some unknown reason at the time.

After Edgar Aron has been revealed as the culprit behind what has happened, and depending upon whether the Fateless one killed or allowed him to flee, Apule Vire sends word to the Motus Mining Company headquarters in Adessa about all the assistance that he has received from him/her. In response, Motus gives the Fateless One Aron's former home, Aron Excavations Office and Aron Excavations Mine. Sending Bor Anjur to assist with expanding the mine to full capacity.

He also allows the miners who had been saved by the Fateless One out in the desert to leave Motus to go work for him/her, to show their appreciation.


Apule Vire is located in the Motus Mining Outpost.



Although he acts like a cut throat business man, such as completely buying out all of Edgar Aron's former workers and causing him to go bankrupt. He has no issue assisting the Fateless One's mining operations in thanks for his/her assistance in getting his operations back on track.


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