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Because of the confusion and possible bugs encountered, This info is all confirmed as of Feb.27/2012 :)


These lockboxes are located around the kingdom. Sealed away by the Ansilla family mage Braxis, so that only the most determined of adventurers may find the treasures.


  • Can only be unlocked by a specific key, given to you during The Blades and the Seal quest by Hillared Gastyr
  • Completing Drewn's quest will remove the family key from your pack and you will never get it back.
  • Each chest contains a Royal Seal of Ansilla and a set of Verdant Blades (along with a few loot items), but only one is needed to complete The Blades and the Seal quest, so this may have been part of an abandoned quest line or maybe a random location for the chest?  Anyway, it's of questionable value to bother opening the second chest (unless someone knows of an alternate quest line that requires this).
  • The lockboxes in Seawatch are respawned after each restoration phase, offering new random loot in addition to the Blades and the Seal.
  • I went to Ansilla Castle and talked to Conni and then followed the arrow to a lockbox I missed and inside was the Key to the prison.
  • After talking to Conni a second time (no dialog) she will ask you to please help her get out of the cell. This will cause a chest containing the key to spawn in another part of the castle.


  1. Shining Labyrinth - The Forsaken Plain - Plains of Erathell - Random Treasure
  2. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After beginning Ghosts of Seawatch, but before releasing Conni
  3. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After completing Phase One of Ghosts of Seawatch
  4. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After completing Phase Two of Ghosts of Seawatch
  5. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After completing Phase Three of Ghosts of Seawatch
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