Anru Besin
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Male
Class Mage
Faction Fahrlangi
Rank Leader

Anru Besin is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



Anru Besin was once a leading member of the Orbocant, the shadowy leaders of the Dokkalfar in the city of Rathir.

He later left the Orbocant after making the suggestion of summoning and using the Niskaru for the war against the Tuatha Deohn. He was laughed out of the chambers and left Rathir shortly afterwards, with many of the best and brightest mages following him in tow.

He now leads the Fahrlangi cult in an effort to free the Niskaru Lord Khamazandu. He spent much time researching the mage Fahrlang who once attempted to free Khamazandu but was stopped by the Firstsworn under Eamonn.

Believing that he could control Khamazandu with magic, Anru set out to learn the location and how to free the Niskaru Lord, leading the Fateless One and Gwyn Anwy on a wild chase from the Warsworn Vault, to Rathir, to Isle of Eamonn, and finally Cloudcrest in The Hollowlands of Detyre. His resolve was set to use Khamazandu and his endless Niskaru minions as an army to defeat the Tuatha Deohn and rule the land with the Niskaru acting as his personal army.

Anru's dream came to an end though, when he was slain by the Fateless One moments before Khamazandu was free. Through the weakened seal Khamazandu spoke to the Fateless One, commenting on how mentally weak and easy to control Anru was.


He is fought in The Hollowlands, in Cloudcrest.


Involved in: The Mountain Prison


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