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An Old Friend
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Quest Giver Agarth
Location Overlook Camp
Prerequisite Breaking The Siege
Next Quest Enemies in High Places
Reward Experience
Faction None
Type Main Quest

An Old Friend is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The gnome elder Templar Octienne has information about the location of Fomorous Hugues, the gnome responsible for the Well of Souls. Octienne wants to meet me at his camp in the Hollowlands of Detyre.


  • Speak with Agarth
    • He should be right behind you.
  • Meet Templar Octienne
  • Look for Hugues
    • He is in Saltwell Caverns south of Overlook Camp. Another Cave Banshaen will be awaiting your arrival, this one is avoidable by heading due east to the road and following it south instead of heading straight south east.
    • The cave is crawling with enemies and traps, be sure to search all of the gnome corpses for keys needed later.
  • Defend Hugues
    • A group of about 12 Assassins come to kill Hugues. They aren't too powerful but there is strength in their numbers.
  • Talk with Hugues
    • This will complete this quest (Reward : level-dependant XP ~6500, but no Gold) and start the next one (Enemies in High Places)


Some notable loot found include:

  • Experience, and a note which is needed for the next quest


  • If the assassins do manage to kill Hugues in the game, he does not respawn. You will need to restart the game from scratch or reload an earlier save. So save before you enter this area!


Hugues may not show up at all, and the quest marker will disappear after examining his assistant, resulting in an unfinishable game... (PS3)


  • If you haven't received it yet, this is an awesome place to get the achievement, Reckoning Rampage , as at saving Hugues part you are jumped by 10-15 Assassins.

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