An Infestation
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Quest Giver Nesta Gwynedd
Location Gallows End
Prerequisite The Legend of Dead Kel
Next Quest None
Reward Driftwood Sandals
Faction None
Type Side Quest

An Infestation is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


A married couple has asked for my help. They wish to kill a brood of deadly scavs that has nested in their vegetable garden on Storm Point. I need to follow them, making sure they arrive safely.


  • Nesta Gwynedd and her husband start running towards Storm Point and the Fateless One should follow immediately, making sure nothing bad happens to them.
  • They stop after reaching the entrance to a small alcove a short ways North-North-East of their makeshift camp and ask the Fateless One to clear out the Scavs inside. Before you enter, make sure to clear out the wild animals in the area or you may find the Gwynedds dead when you return.
  • There are 4 Scavs that need to be killed, though they only appear two at a time with replacements popping out of the ground as the previous ones die.
    • Constant movement and dodging is strongly advised, as Scavs possess the same Niskaric lunge attack and top it off with an AoE poison spit.
  • Once those are dead the Gwynedds approach to thank the Fateless One and the quest ends.


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