Amman's Key - Spring
Amman's Key - Spring
Rarity Quest Item
Type Key

Amman's Key - Spring is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This key will open a corresponding statue of the legendary fae trickster, revealing its secrets.


Amman's Key - Spring, along with the corresponding Autumn, Summer, Winter, and Esharra keys, unlock five chests in Odarath.


Amman's Key - Spring can be found in a chest in the Summer Sanctuary of the House of Ballads. The chest is located near the river to the east before crossing any bridges. When entering Dalentarth, take the road on the left going north. It is on the left before the bridge.


Amman's Key - Spring is a quest item for Statues of Amman.


This is a mirror of the list at Statues of Amman.

  • The chest can be found by starting at the House of Ballads, making your way south over the river, across the western bridge. The statue is located to the west of the path, sitting under a very large tree at the top of a small incline.