Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Rank Lord of the Hunt

Ametair is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Ametair is the Hunt incarnate. And the Boots enhance his natural abilities: they make him undetectable. He stalks unseen, and unheard, until he strikes. But the boots urge him to hunt, to take blood and life. His mind is like the feral beast's. He views all creation as his prey. And so he locked himself in Arduath, to protect all from his madness. - Aergase, Herald of the Hunt.


Ametair was former Lord of the Chase and a member of the Court of summer, he has been cursed by a set of boots that the Fateless One has been asked to retrieve.

The Buru's Boots enhances the Fae's prowess but also magnifies its primitive instincts and eventually drives him to kill, he now sees all creation as his prey.

To prevent himself from hurting others any further, Ametair locked himself away in Arduath, a Fae Hollow in the Sidhe.


He is the boss that must be defeated during the The Silent Step quest.


Ametair can be fairly challenging for low-mid leveled characters thanks to his high attack and especially his ability to cause Bleeding ailment for extended periods of time, so care must be taken when fighting him.

He will stay most of times cloaked and running re-appearing to attack the Fateless One with his faeblades and sometimes using his charge attack which will cause Bleeding if it connects.

Care must be taken for Finesse and Sorcery builds as the Bleeding can drain nearly all HP (or even over) while still decreasing the Physical Defense. Ametair is also able to do considerable damage even on Buckler and Talisman blocks unless it's parried.

As the battle proceeds he will delve further into his lair, but the battle will remain mostly unchanged save from mild terrain changes.

Fateshift should not be used before Ametair runs for the third time into his lair as it might be wasted while giving chase to him.


Who - who enters here?! This is a sealed place, interloper, and you must leave, before... I spill... your blood - ... It is too late. The hunger grows, and roars within me. I must hunt. I will hunt you, mortal, until you can run no more.
when entered his lair: Arduath.
This... is a cell of my own choosing. It is the Hollow where I first awoke. It is my den. They are my grounds. The hunger drove me here... where I can be alone, but for the beasts that wander in... and you.
when asked: How did you come to Arduath?
I was, once. The Court of Summer held me to be the champion of chases, a master of stalking the woods of our realms. But with the boots I have transcended. I am not the Lord of the Hunt. I AM the hunt.
when asked: 'You're the Lord of the Hunt?'
I - I know. I had only wished to combat the waning of strength that the Summer Fae are experiencing... but then the magics began ensnaring my mind. It is too late for me. But you might - you might - take this. May it help protect you from my hunger... for blood - Enough talk! Come into my den, little mortal. Your blood shall be mine.
when you tell him that the boots are cursed (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

Phrases that he yells while fighting through Arduath:

I will flay you, skin from flesh from bone.
You look a little lost...
Are you enjoying the hunt? Why don't we go deeper into my domain.
I will cut you over and over...
The cycle demands your blood!
Ha. You're quicker than you look. I better start taking this seriously.


Ametair can give you The Hunter's Friend if you persuade him before the fight.


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