Ambassador Odvar
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Location Embassy Hall
Rank Ambassador
  • Detect Hidden Trainer
  • Titles Provider
  • Ambassador Odvar is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    I have served my people for forty years, in war and in peace. Now I serve here, in the Gardens. It is here where the important battles are fought. The battle of wills.


    Odvar is the Varani ambassador to the Fae of the Summer Court.

    He is a seller of Titles and a basic Detect Hidden Trainer who can train the levels of 0-3.

    As well as being a Trainer, Odvar can also sell the player one of three Titles for around 2.3k Gold. After the Fateless One has purchased a Title, the guards around Ysa will introduce him/her using his/hers title whenever they enter a room.


    Ambassador Odvar can be located in the North-East room in Ysa's Embassy Hall leaning against one of the pillars.


    Aren't you bold. This is the Varani wing of the Embassy Hall and few venture here without being summoned. I am Ambassador Odvar, He Who Bloodies the Waters.
    I enjoy being this close to those I'm competing against. That's what this is, isn't it, a conflict in which we struggle to gain the ear of the Fae? As always, the Varani will triumph.
    when asked about the Embassy Hall.
    I have lived in less hospitable places. The Fae may not understand what it means to be mortal, but they certainly have an eye for beauty.
    when asked about Felltown.
    The High King knows why we are here, yet he does nothing. Our people die at the hands of the Tuatha - Fae but the Fae themselves show no remorse. Titarion and the Summer Court will know our anger, and they will aid us or perish.
    when asked about the Varani in Ysa.
    Leave me to my business.



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