Alrette Rond
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Female
Location Rond Farm
  • Quest giver
  • Alrette Rond is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    My husband, Dennrit, and I run the Rond Farm. There is much to tent to, but we manage to get it all done.


    Alrette Rond is, like her husband Dennrit Rond, a farmer who owns and works the fields of the Rond Farm. She and Dennert, when first encountered by the Fateless One, had gone mad due to the tainted grain. Alrette unlike her husband has not completely lost her ability to reason.

    When approached, she gives the player a brief explanation as to what has happened to her and her Dennrit. She claims a man named Jenniker had passed by days before heading to Cranalt. She believes he was the one that had tainted the water supply coming out of the hollow, which was used to water their grain before it was harvested.

    She begs him/her to go into Cranalt and find this man and somehow undue whatever he did to the water.


    Alrette can be found at Rond Farm, within the Wolds.



    Ah... Draw your weapon! No. No! Please, help, stranger! Madness... from river. Tainted the grain! Eating grain, breeds sickness in the mind! We need help!
    upon your first encounter with her.
    The river, something in the water, grows into the grain! Oh... the grain's meant to be.. ah! Shipped to Mel Senshir. But can't spread madness...! Cranalt... go to Cranalt. Argh! Strange man - Jenniker - traveled there. Must have... done something. Poisoned river with... madness! Ayten... no help. If grain reaches troops - ah... end up like Dennrit. Caged. Muerderous!
    when asked: What's happened to the grain?
    Jenniker... tainted water... Cranalt...
    upon your response: I will help you. (beginning 'The Waters of Madness').
    We ate the grain and we went mad... The grain... water from the river tainted! Need to find cure... before grain reaches troops! Strange man - Jenniker... went up river, must have tainted the river in... Cranalt - feeds the river. Go there. He must... heal - argh!
    when asked: What caused your madness?
    I... Ah! I need - your help!
    when asked about herself.
    Dennrit? Dennrit's been dead for - no! Please, save my mind lest I forget everything!
    when asked about Dennrit Rond.
    There's too much - ah! Help us!
    when asked about Rond Farm.
    Monsters! Know... about... river. Refuse - help!
    when asked about Ayten.
    By the gods, I finally have my thoughts returned to me, and Dennrit's mind is his own again, as well. It is not much, but here is what reward we can spare you. Thank you!
    upon your return (finishing the quest).
    Dennrit Rond is my husband. Together we run the Rond Farm and keep things in order.
    when asked about her husband, Dennrit Rond.
    This is our home. Dennrit and I built it with our bare hands. And we'll build it again.
    when asked about Rond Farm.
    It's the nearby town. We do some trade with them. Though, once my husband and I became... well, crazed, we were prevented from going back.
    when asked about Ayten.
    Thank the gods, my thoughts are clear!


    She, unlike her husband, still retains her ability to reason, enough to come up with the idea that Jenniker had somehow tainted the water. It is unknown why, perhaps the magical affects of the Strange Artifact found in the Cranalt has less affects upon females. Or perhaps she did not eat as much of the tainted grain as her husband.


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