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Alfar Military
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Current Leader Commander Owaiglyn
Notable Members
  • General Tilera
  • Commander Owaiglyn
  • Bronwen Senn
  • Ragna Senn
  • Locations
  • Mel Senshir
  • Alfar Military is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The Alfar Military refers to the entirety of the Alfar fighting forces and their allied units.

    The Alfar Military is composed of the following divisions:

    • Alfar Army
    • Alfar Navy
    • The Ariad

    In addition to the above numerous Warsworn units add to the fighting strength of the Alfar Military.



    The main concentration of the Alfar Military forces is the city of Mel Senshir. beyond that there are several camps in Klurikon:

    Additionally, there are forward camps in Alabastra:





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