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Alchemical Lab

Alchemical Lab

The Alchemical Lab is a crafting station in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. At an Alchemical Lab, you can use Reagents for Alchemy.


Alchemical Labs appear as an ornate table with a large cauldron, having several flasks and bowls on the side.


Alchemical Labs are used to craft Potions which, upon use, will give a positive effect towards a player, unless using an Unstable Potion (obtained only by failing an experiment and having at least 1 Alchemy) which has a chance of giving negative effects. Experimenting with Reagents will allow you to find new recipes, which will be permanently added to your list for crafting.

Side NoteEdit

Successfully completing an experiment will also give you one of the potions, at a discount of the original crafting recipe if you first discover the recipe.


  • One may obtain large amounts of money by simply picking up reagents and crafting it at an Alchemical Lab.
  • The Library Upgrade in Gravehal Keep will have a small chest of reagents and an Alchemical Lab.

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