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Alchemical Lab

Alchemical Lab

The Alchemical Lab is a crafting station in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. At an Alchemical Lab, you can use Reagents for Alchemy.


Alchemical Labs appear as an ornate table with a large cauldron, having several flasks and bowls on the side.


Alchemical Labs are used to craft Potions which, upon use, will give a positive effect towards a player, unless using an Unstable Potion (obtained only by failing an experiment and having at least 1 Alchemy) which has a chance of giving negative effects. Experimenting with Reagents will allow you to find new recipes, which will be permanently added to your list for crafting.

  • Successfully completing an experiment will also give you one of the potions, at a discount of the original crafting recipe if you first discover the recipe.


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