Aggressive Brownies
Dead caravan
Quest Giver Sihtric Vorm
Location Vorm Lodge
Prerequisite None
Next Quest The Brownie Den
Reward Gold
Type Side Quest

Aggressive Brownies is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The travelers along the Sidhe roads are being attacked by some unusual very aggressive brownies. The player is tasked to eliminate these brownies and make the road to Detyre clear again.


Speak with Sihtric Vorm in the Vorm Lodge to learn about hostile Brownies that have been ambushing travelers along the road. Leave the inn and go to the south eastern corner along the road to find the corpses and the cart. As you approach the Brownies ambush you from the nearby trees. Slay them and then return to the inn and talk to Sihtric for your reward in Gold and XP (both level-dependant).

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