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1–611 AE (3277–3887 NW)

After the people of Amalur had endured centuries of suffering in the Age of Ruin, the Kollossae were inspired by their devotion to the goddess Ethene to rise up and push back against the darkness. After their initial success inspired hope, the giants joined forces with the Ljosalfar and other allies on a campaign to liberate the oppressed kingdoms of the world.

This alliance was formalized with the founding of the Concordance, an organization dedicated to preserving valor, honor, and justice in the world. The Massariol and Almain joined the Kollossae and Ljosalfar as members.

Considering themselves responsible for the world they had saved, the Hyperian Republic of the Kollossae set about building roadways and reestablishing shipping routes throughout Amalur. Though conflicts and challenges continued to arise, Amalur entered into a period of progress and rebuilding.

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