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Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Services Fateweaver

Agarth is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


"Once, I was Agarth the Unyielding, the Blade of Avgrunn. I wrestled the Kollossae priestess and declined knighthood by the High King of the Fae. I was a hero of men! But that wasn't enough for me. I joined the Fateweavers, hoping to find a way to conquer destiny itself. Turns out Fate is the one thing I couldn't fight."


Once known across Amalur as the Blade of Avgruun, Agarth was renowned for his exceptional courage and strength. With each victory, word of his combat prowess spread throughout the Faelands. Agarth had wealth, power, and prestige. King Titarion even offered him a title of knight when Agarth slew the Dream-Eater of Amaura. But, more than a decade ago, Agarth retired his blade, shocking those who knew him best. Offering little explanation, he gave away the riches he had earned and joined the Fateweaver order.

Agarth had discovered that he possessed the gift of foresight. Unfortunately, his insight into Fate brought him troubling visions. He turned to the bottle for refuge, falling from his former glory into obscurity and anonymity. Although Agarth now hides behind the haze of drink, those who look close will see a man whose greatness can still return...


Agarth is one of the key characters in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. You first meet Agarth after you exit the tower where during your conversation you find out that you have no Fate and you are able to freely change it (allowing the Fateless One to Fate Shift), also there is a chance to "persuade" him to give you extra help.

After he tries to read your Fate and fails he sends you to another more skilled Fateweaver named Arden. He reappears in Arden's Hut, where he decides to send you to Dellach-a sacred place for the Fateweavers.

After the events in Dellach, Agarth becomes an essential ally in fighting the battle against the Tuatha.


  • His sword is a slightly scaled-up version of Dragonfang.
  • It is shown that Agarth was meant to meet his fate at the hands of an Ettin in Dellach, but the Fateless One prevents this.

Related QuestsEdit

Main Quest EndingEdit

Agarth will visit the Fateless One when he or she wakes from resting in the Orbocant, in the room once reserved for General Tilera. He will not believe it if the Fateless One mentions Tirnoch. He will mention that he can no longer read fate at all. However, that does not seem to apply when one attempts to purchase fateweaving services from him or from any other Fateweaver. He will remain in the Orbocant indefinitely.

Criminal ImmunityEdit

Even if the Fateless One chooses to become a violent criminal, any weapon the Fateless One attempts to swing or launch at Agarth will simply pass harmlessly through him.


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