Aewald's Notes
Aewald's Notes Inventory
In-Game Title The Withering War
Author Aewald
Detail These scribbled notes belong to the famous historian Aewald, and are a partial account of the only battle ever waged between the Summer and Winter Courts of the Fae.
Location bookshelf inside Scholia Arcana's Library in Upper Rathir
Followed By Dulstan's Notes

Aewald's Notes is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This item fulfills part of the quest Life's Work. The other three items needed are Dulstan's NotesKallas' Notes and Wilfrold's Notes.


The Withering War

In 1230 BE, King Ysa rose to power in Dalentarth. In his early years, Ysa traveled widely throughout Alfaria and Fortenmar, posing as a Hironar. Oh His return to the west, he accumulated a large following as a war leader and loremaster, and he soon embarked on a campaign to conquer and unify the widely scattered local groups of Fae. After successfully conquering Dalentarth, he reorganized these local clans into three Great Houses of the modern Seelie Court, and brought civilization and Fae culture to the western Faelands.


For the location of this item, refer to the original quest, Life's Work.

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