Aedran Tyr
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Faction Alfar Military

Aedran Tyr is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I am a warrior, nothing more. I go where I am told. I will spill blood with my company upon the shield wall until either I fall or no enemies remain.


In the South-West gardens of Mel Senshir.



I did not think fate would let us survive that onslaught. It seems that even if fate is not on our side, you are.
when asked about The Battle of Mel Senshir.
She was the greatest among us... what happened out there, on the wall... I knew she would redeem herself. Thank Lyria she was here, and that her life was not given in vain.
when asked about General Tilera.
Mel Senshir has been my home for seven years of bitter struggle. As grateful as I am for the strength of its walls, I am eager for a new horizon.
when asked about Mel Senshir.



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