Adrenaline Surge
Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites 5 points in Might
Tier 2
Levels 5 (+2)
Type Passive
The threat of immediate death grants you a chance for a surge of health and a short span of greatly increased damage whenever you Health falls below 25%.


Adrenaline Surge is a Might-based ability where when the character's health runs below 25%, the character gets a short burst of extra health and a greatly increased damage output.


This ability has five levels. Two more levels are available via ability bonuses. Note that Adrenaline Surge heals 20% health, grants bonus damage for 10 seconds, and has a 300 second cooldown at all levels.

Level Chance to Trigger Bonus Damage
1 30% 30%
2 40% 40%
3 50% 50%
4 60% 60%
5 70% 70%
6 80% 85%
7 90% 95%


  • This ability is currently bugged. Instead of healing 20% of damage, it causes 20% damage (PC/XBox360/PS3)

Related AbilitiesEdit

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