Adessa Prison
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Basic Info
Locations Adessa
Quests Hand-Delivered

Keeper of the Keys

Adessa Prison is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Adessa Prison is where the player is locked up if a crime is committed in Adessa.


Adessa : The Walls




  • Unlocked chest x 2
  • Average-locked door x 2
  • Skeleton x 2
  • Corpse x 1


No praetorian is hostile even if  the Fateless One has picked the lock (Hard) and is inside.  Unless, the Fateless One pulls the lever and creates a jailbreak, thus committing a crime.  Note that this is the only way to open certain doors and get to some of the containers.  Also, in doing so, all the prisoners will be killed by the praetorians (except for Esklad Teiner, who will stay in his cell) and you can loot their bodies.

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