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A Valorous Proposition
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Quest Giver Jakin Madsen
Prerequisite Simply Mercenary
Next Quest A Viper For All Seasons
Reward gold + Ardra's Greaves
Faction House of Valor
Type Faction Quest

A Valorous Proposition is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



Once you completed the previous fight and collected your rewards, Jakin Madsen tells you that the Champion Tyr Magnus would like to speak to you.  No matter how you answer Tyr your next fight in the arena will be a solo act. When you exit, Jokull Fangard will run up to talk to you and tell you that Tyr is going to cheat and try to have you killed.

Go to the arena when ready to tackle this next battle against Mad Dog and his never ending rogues.  Like all of the battles so far it starts off as three enemies, however if you attack and kill the rogues they seem to spawn new ones. Only 6 or 7 rogues spawn in total.

Once Mad Dog and his rogues are down for the count, leave the arena and collect your reward.  Jakin Madsen mentions that the Tyr Magnus would like to speak to you again.  Tyr admits to what Jokull Fangard told you and is not happy with the results as you would guess from the previous talk.  Nonetheless, this quest ends (level-based XP ~7000 at level 36) and the next, A Viper For All Seasons, begins.



  • It is advised to just go after Mad Dog and avoid the rogues.

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