A Time to Reap
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Quest Giver Betheli Jons
Location Klurikon
Prerequisite Breaking The Siege
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction House of Sorrows
Type Side Quest

A Time to Reap is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I have dueled with a Winter Fae, the Headsman, in the Midden but he fled before I could kill him. He invited me to duel with him again at his arena in Tinehil. An Alfar scout, Betheli Jons, has asked me to answer his call and kill the Headsman since he's been terrorizing her encampment and hindering their operation.


The quest can be acquired after dueling the Headsman in The Midden. He can be found south of the House of Sorrows and as the Fateless One approaches he will kill the Alfar soldier Gilman Jons, Betheli Jons' brother. If talked to, the Headsman will issue a challenge, which the Fateless One should accept.


  • Once the Fateless One enters Tinehil, The Headsman starts a conversation and disappears into the depths of the burrow.
  • In the deepest room, the Fateless One will find The Headsman and 4 cursed prisoners.
  • After a short dialogue The Headsman will attack the Fateless One.  He's a regular faeblade-wielding enemy, however, he uses the life essence of his prisoners to heal himself when on the brink of death and thus has a much larger health pool.
    • If the Fateless One enters reckoning mode and depletes the Headsman's health he will not heal himself and will die instantly.
    • The Fateless One can enter stealth after the combat begins and dispatch the prisoners to take away the Headsman's source of healing.
    • Alternatively, The Headsman can be persuaded to kill himself (21% at 3, 66% at 10, persuasion), thus avoiding the fight.
    • In all cases, the prisoners die and cannot be saved.
  • Once the Headsman is dealt with, the Fateless One can return to Betheli Jons to end the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~3800 and 6250 at level 37).


  • If the Fateless One enters stealth and escapes out of combat the prisoners can be interacted with. This shows a message about the prisoners' fate.
  • There seems to be no option to dispel the prisoners, even with 10 points in dispelling
  • The fate of Gilman Jons can't be changed. Even if the Fateless One activates dialogue with the Headsman and kills him before he engages Gilman, the Headsman will simply revive and kill Gilman.


  • DO NOT talk to the Headsman before he kills the soldier. Doing so will break the quest flow and prevent quest progression. Even after he is defeated his dialogue will be as if the combat was still ongoing. If you approach from the south, you can cause this effect. Just run straight through until you see the two approach each other in the mini-map, then turn around.
  • Dealing enough damage in the final blow of your initial duel with the Headsman will cause the quest to end immediately after he tells you to meet him.
  • Its possible that the Headsman cannot be looted afterwards because it'll say "Talk to the Headsman". This can be fixed by exiting and re-entering the area.
  • You can kill the headsman at the Alfar Camp. If that happens, he rises again and goes to sleep on one of the beds in camp. The quest ends and you get the money and XP.

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