A Second to a Duel
Second to a duel
Quest Giver Walen Forstid
Location Seafoam Tavern
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward XP and Gold
Type Side Quest

A Second to a Duel is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Walen Forstid in the Seafoam Tavern in the city of Rathir. He will tell you that he's ended up in a duel and wants you to be his second. Once you agree he will tell you that he wants you to buy or pickpocket Rose-of-Shadows (from the same person - Gelphyne Nargyfier, a merchant/fence in the The Lower Tunnels of Rathir – Lower City) and put it on the dueling sword of his opponent Daltan Eames.
  • After receiving the Rose-of-Shadows travel to Rathir and talk to Daltan Eames who will direct you to his blade where you can place the poison.
  • Return to Walen to let him know. He will give you the name of a ship and have you alert a man on the dock of this name. As you leave the tavern Walen's mother Shalarein Forstid  will show up asking you what is going on. Depending on dialogue choices you can choose to double cross Walen and Shalarein will give you the name of a different ship.
  • Go the dock and give the name of either ship to Jeibir Calurin. After that go join the duel nearby in the Quarys. After wishing him good luck Walen will be "killed" by Daltan. The option to "loot" his body may or may not appear.
  • Either side will net you XP and Gold (both level-based, ~750 and 2400, respectively, at level 30).

Notes Edit

  • Siding with Shalarein Forstid at level 30 will net a reward of 5060 Gold and 2910 XP.
    • It is best to do this duel sooner if a higher gold reward is desired as the amount received decreases with higher levels.
  • Siding with Walen Forstid at level 30 nets the same reward.




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