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A Master's Touch
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Quest Giver Gavroche Valle
Location Ironfast Keep
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Haldebier's Blade
Type Side

A Master's Touch is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

A Master's Touch is a side quest acquired from Gavroche Valle in Ironfast Keep. Finishing this quest unlocks the advanced blacksmithing trainer.


Find the Hermit Smith: Gavroch Valle, an apprentice without a master, has a broken sword he cannot mend. As it happens, the one man who could repair it is the one I met earlier, in the heights of Menetyre.


Travel south along the road outside the keep, and after the first underpass, head west briefly, then south through one of the parallel paths then continue south through the narrow canyon. Follow the canyon around and talk to Efyr Dynnwel at the top. He will give you the quest Time of Need.

After completing Time of Need head to Ironfast Keep where you will find Gavroche Valle. Accept A Master's Touch from him.He will send you to speak to the smith hermit, Efyr Dynnwel. After convincing him that he is needed in order to reforge the blade he will send you off to get Master's Tallow from Hurvar's Doorsill. Heading from Ironfast Keep, cross the river just after the bridge and travel west until you get to the northern gap, enter Hurvar's Doorsill. Once there, travel along the one path you can, watching out for the lightning traps, until you get to the room with a circular pit in the middle. Off to the west is the Master's Tallow. Collect it and either return back along the path you entered, or continue around, fighting past three Niskaru until you return to the beginning. From there fast travel back to Ironfast Keep, return the tallow, and collect your reward (0 Gold, level-dependant XP and Haldebier's Blade).


  • Surprisingly, you may find some Master's Tallow in Tearscotter Mine.
  • There are two persuasion attempts in this quest. One in the very first dialog with Gavroche, and the other when you locate the Hermit Smith.
    • You will not be given either persuasion attempt if you meet the Hermit and complete Time of Need before accepting the quest from Gavroche. It is recommended to travel directly to Ironfast Keep before looking for the Smith.


Sometimes even after completing the quest, Efyr Dynnwel can still be seen at Menetyre up the slope where the player first met him.

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