A Crowded Mind
A Crowded Mind
Quest Giver Eran Methneen
Location Scholia Arcana - Main Hall
Prerequisite Lightning in a Bottle
Next Quest Revelation
Reward Savant's Ring + Twist of Fate: Fearless or Disciplined
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

A Crowded Mind is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Eran Methneen, he will tell you Archsage Jubal Caledus requested to talk with you.
  • Travel down to his quarters where you will find his body; put your hand into the pattern on the floor, and you will be immediately transported into Dreamworld.
  • Talk to Jubal Caledus, and he will explain that the same person who possessed Nuala Ignas, Cadoc Reen and Aethan Engar is trying to possess him as well, giving you the mission to stop her from doing so.
  • Dispel the first chest and work your way from chest to chest unlocking them and reading the scrolls. Turn left at the T junction.
  • At the end of the pathway you will find Ciara Sydanus, the Dark Empyrean, having possessed Caledus' ambition and Indifference, which she has given a physical form. Once you get close enough, she will automatically talk to you. When the conversation is done, she will attack you. You must fight her to free the Archsage's indifference/ambition.
  • When you're done fighting, go back to the split in the road and go to the other side. Fight your way to the end of the pathway and you'll see Ciara once again. Like before, she will briefly speak with you before starting a fight.
  • Return to Jubal Caledus when you have defeated Ciara both times. After praising you, he will offer one of two rewards:
  • After leaving Dreamworld, leave the building and go out into the courtyard where you will find Jubal again (Reward: Savant's Ring, rank of Savant and level-dependant XP, but no gold). He will tell you that because of the trial, Ciara was awakened. To end Ciara Sydanus' attacks and mind controls, you must begin and finish the last quest, Revelation.


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