A Canneroc Primer
Canneroc primer
In-Game Title A Canneroc Primer
Author Unknown
Detail A book detailing the travails of the Webwood
Location Gossamer End in Canneroc

A Canneroc Primer is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A book detailing the travails of the Webwood, for children.


A Canneroc Primer

A is for Arsenic, foul plant of the wood,

B is for Bridges, that guard us all well,

C is for Caution, which always is good,

D is for Danger, for here spiders dwell,

E is for Everyone in out dark dell,

F is for Fangs, which bite us and burn,

G is for Gold, from fresh silk we sell,

H is for Hunt, to kill what we earn.

I is for Ingress, which spiders all learn,

J is for Jelly-legs, just after a bite,

K is for Kill, to each spider its turn,

L is for Legs, eight prowling at Night.

M is for Maw, with teeth pure glowing white,

N is for Nightfall, the spider's best friend.

O is for Openings, which lead to our plight

P is for Poison, which no one can mend.

Q is for Queasy, the poison's quick end,

R is for Running, though none can escape,

S is for Silently, to corpses they tend,

T is for Terrible, hard-biting gape.

U is for Union, of horror and shape,

V is for Vexing, impossible pace,

W is for Webs, the gossamer cape,

X is for eXpeling the beasts from this place.

Y is for You -- young reader, take note

Z for your Zeal of the lessons we wrote